Textures I : Graphite Drawing workshop

beginner, intermediate level


Instructor: artist Ingrid Blixt
email, p: 906.399.4743
Fee: $95  All materials included


Class description

A drawing workshop dedicated to the study of a variety of textures: woven fabric, human hair, crumbled paper, feathers, fur etc. and this session we will study the Hair element, its form and texture.  Artist Ingrid Blixt will walk you through methods of sketching, building, shading and revealing form, using graphite on prepared wood surface.

If you have suited images you are welcome to bring them for the study, preferably black and white – if not images will be provided at the workshop.

Materials:  Lyra Graphite Crayon 9B, Lyra Graphite pencil 6B-9B, mechanical pencil 0.5 mm 2B, General’s Factis Soap Eraser, prepared  paper or wood surface.





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