Printmaking: Linocut on stone tiles workshop

beginner, intermediate level


Instructor: artist Ingrid Blixt
email, p: 906.399.4743

Class description

A great printmaking workshop, introducing you to printmaking techniques and focusing on one of the easiest and most accessible techniques: linocut.  Artist Ingrid Blixt will walk you through the steps of creating a linocut, from sketching to carving and printing, leading to a functional and artful product: two beautified stone tiles, which can be used as coasters, tiles or hanging artwork.

Participants should bring their own imagery to work from: black and white, high contrast images. The final image will not exceed 4″x4″.

Materials:  stone tiles, linocut blocks, carving and cutting tools, printmaking ink, brayers, stain, felt pads.


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