July 13- Graphite drawing: Winged

beginner, intermediate level

Fee: $85.00, materials included.


Instructor: artist Ingrid Blixt
email, p: 906.399.4743

Date: July 13th Saturday, 10 am- 4 pm

Location: Ingrid Art Studio in John Bean Building (3rd floor) 1350 S. Cedar St, Lansing MI

Class description

A graphite drawing workshop, a study focused on both form and texture of birds and wings, lead by artist Ingrid Blixt . She will show examples of her work and demonstrate her drawing technique on specially prepared wood surfaces perfect for a detailed fine line study. The wood panels are prepared after an old recipe used for preparing surfaces for icon painting.

Participants may bring their own bird imagery to work from, making sure there are good detailed prints; otherwise the instructor will provide images.

Materials:  Lyra Graphite Crayon 9B, Lyra Water soluble Graphite Crayon 9B, Lyra Water soluble Graphite pencil 6B-9B, mechanical pencil 0.5 mm 2B, General’s Factis Soap Eraser, prepared  wood surface.

Fee: $85.00, materials included.

You can also choose to pay at the time of the class, just email to sign up

Participants: Min: 4 / Max: 12

Registration Deadline: July 6th, 2013
What exactly is the registration deadline?

It is necessary to know that there are enough students who will take the class by one week before it is scheduled.  If enough students register by the deadline, students can still sign up until the class is full.  Register early to help your class run!


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