Encaustic Painting and Mixed Media Workshop

beginner, intermediate level



Instructor: artist Ingrid Blixt
email, p: 906.399.4743
Fee: $95  All materials included


Class description

An introductory workshop to encaustic painting, made easy and fun: for the first step we will approach a combination of photography/ inkjet prints or drawings and sketches with beeswax. Bring in your favorite imagery for a hot treatment – We will be painting on top of the image with layers of beeswax, learning how to layer translucent layers of encaustic paint for optimal results, then incise a fine line drawing in the top layers and add stain for a beautiful patina.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own imagery to use in this project. The images can to be inkjet prints or giclee prints, printed on matte photo paper or absorbent watercolor paper or drawings, sketches, watercolors done on the same absorbent, thicker paper. We will be working with 8×8 wood panels (smaller sizes available as well, 4×4 and 5×5) therefore your image should be at least 8×8 inches. Your image will be mounted on the wood panel.
If you wish, you can email me the images so I print them out for you on the right kind of paper. Please make note that laser prints are NOT suitable for this project.

Materials we will be using:  carving and cutting tools, encaustic brushes, pigmented and pure beeswax, hot plate, glue, brayer, wood panel, stain, oil colors, 8″x8″ wood panels

Images from workshop

Before and after Images:


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