About artist/instructor Ingrid Blixt


Born in Romania, currently living and working in Lansing, Michigan
I studied fine arts and graphic arts/ design at University of art and design, Cluj Napoca, Romania, graduating with an MFA.

I am an artist and educator working in drawing, painting, printmaking and photography; my work focuses on themes of nature, human condition, transcendence and spirituality. I have illustrated books, built websites, worked as a professional artist, graphic designer and as an art teacher/instructor. My work has been exhibited throughout the US and internationally.

My drawings, drawing being my primary medium, have a high value and textural contrast. They communicate a story line that has both spiritual and symbolic connotations, aiming towards values close to the heart of humanity.

I also use a variety of other mediums in my work, besides drawing. Most often, ideas and sketches start with photography. From there, I decide if photography is enough, or if there’s another medium which would convey the idea in a better way. Exploring with different mediums, offers a great source of inspiration and knowledge.

The cultural and highly spiritual environment I was born and raised in still inspires and influences my work. The strong Orthodox background of my upbringing led to the discovery and embrace of Byzantine art which initially focused my attention on art, compassion and spirituality. In Romania I studied fine arts and graphic arts, graduating with a BFA in fine arts and MFA in graphic arts from the University of Art and Design of Cluj Napoca. After moving to United States, I continued my career as a visual artist, working within both fine arts and graphic design fields. Merging the two fields, lately I’ve been working with digital illustration, which also extended into teaching electronic imaging at university level.


Always fascinated by the possibility and phenomenon of transcendence, as much as I can, I am exploring ways of expressing the beautiful break in the ordinary, the great moment when apparently ordinary things become great sources of beauty and information, transporting you to a new level of understanding and empathy.

P: 906.399.4743



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