Ave Maria – Hiding Places


The carved space in this beautiful reclaimed barn wood block makes a window for the Blessed Mother’s portrait and a retreat for your thoughts and prayers. The painting consists of layers of pigmented beeswax (encaustic) and is finished with a line drawing and rich brown stain. Under her portrait the long carved space is filled with pigmented encaustic and coated with Gold leaf. Over the groove is affixed a ladder made out of jute and branches, a symbol for your ascending prayers.
The block measures 7″x 12″ x 2″ deep, can hang on the wall or rest on a shelf. The barn wood block is beautiful from any angle and the natural element gives it a wonderful presence.

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Blessed Mother and child- Icon

Inspired from Byzantine iconography, the icon of Blessed Mother with Jesus as a child is a mixed media artwork: water soluble graphite, acrylic and silver leaf on wood panel, measuring 18″x12″ and 1″ deep.
Just as in byzantine iconography (more a black and white version) the contrast between
the materials used and the treatment of the face next to the light reflecting
silver leaf, very much like earth and light, creates very a beautiful and meaningful contrast,
summing up our human condition.

Archangel Michael – original drawing with silver leaf

Captivated by their stunning stillness, beauty and meaning i started a series depicting the Archangels – the high rank heavenly messengers, inspired from Byzantine iconography. The series started as digital drawings, printed on watercolor paper, mounted on wood
and continued with graphite drawing, acrylic painting and silver leaf (the silver leaf area is the square on the wing, which reflects light beautifully in certain lighting)
This artwork features Archangel Michael- the fighter
The artwork measures 14″x14″ and 1.5″ deep, done on wood.