Through Stormy Skies


A mixed media artwork: water soluble graphite, acrylic painting on un-stretched canvas.
Below you can view a snippet from the artwork making in progress:


Following the Sun

Following the Sun, is an original mixed media artwork from the series with the same name: water soluble graphite, acrylic, silver leaf on wood panel. The artwork measures 48″x48″ and 1″ deep.
The ‘Following the Sun’ series represented by mixed media artworks brings together concepts and imagery of positive nature, embodying spiritual and physical growth, a documented journey towards personal fulfillment and finding truth. Still punctuated by our “Lunar Journey”, a more personal view of our shared journey, “Following the sun” observes symbolic elements like sun flowers, Skylarks, loaves of bread, wings, sky and clouds and the human figure most of times revealed technically in the presence of silver leaf which with its reflective qualities brings the needed dimension of light.

Night Journey


Night Journey, is a mixed media artwork: charcoal, acrylic on wood panel, measuring 36″x36″.
The feminine figure covers her face to let a mindful journey take lead. With no negative connotations, the Night Journey refers to a Journey we often take guided by a lunar consciousness, a time of disguised spiritual growth, when apparently we are lost but in the end we see a very defined path we walked.