Following the Sun Exhibit

The exhibit for my new series of artworks “Following the Sun” opened today, September 1st 2016 at Lansing Art Gallery, Lansing MI.

The opening reception is set for September 9th, starting with a gallery talk at 5:30 pm.

About the series:

Following the Sun – shifting focus from darker matters, as the events of WWII, which were the main subject and research of my work for the past few years, Following the Sun series observe luminous themes, calling to pause and dedicate attention to the beauty around us, mindfully. The centerpiece of the series, with the same title “Following the Sun” depicts a person lying down, gazing at the sky and celestial objects as Sun or the Stars. It might look like surrender but one of the good kind: surrendering to forces greater than us or better said, joining forces greater than us, love greater than us, beauty grater than us, and in that moment we are part of something larger, more complex and more beautiful than our ego. The intense emotional output of past works finds its balance in the praise of beauty and light, positive elements connected to a solar element: skylarks, robins, even crows darting towards the sun, sunflowers following their source of light and energy faithfully and not lastly, following the Sun/Son or our spiritual journey.
The use of silver leaf which brings forward the element of light physically and symbolically, is inspired from Byzantine art. Its reflective qualities will reflect the light even in the lowest lighting conditions, which would also be a great spiritual achievement of our humanity. It also offers a sense of space, that extends beyond the physical limits of the artwork, for an extended sense of journey or wonder.
All the featured elements and thoughts can be summed up in one thought, one phenomenon: the manifestation of the sacred, a dear subject to me, described by Mircea Eliade, a Romanian historian of religion, as a break in the uniformity of the profane/ ordinary space revealing an absolute reality.


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