Contemporary Byzantine Art



The contemporary Byzantine artworks: Christ Pantocrator and Blessed Mother with Jesus, started as mixed media drawings: graphite, acrylic and silver leaf on wood panel. They are available as prints, but I wanted to be able to offer reproductions even closer resembling the original, so I experimented with giclee printing directly on wood panel treated with silver leaf (just like the originals but on larger surfaces) and the results were pretty awesome. I did a few painting touch-ups, which actually makes them one of a kind now.

A few words about Christ Pantocrator:

Inside Christ’s halo, is the Cross. Inside the arms of the cross  (3 for Holy Trinity) are the Greek letters ώ Ό Ν (omega, omicron, nu) which literally means “the being” or more precisely “He who is”. This is a reference to Christ’s divinity, as the Old Testament reveals “He who is” to be the name God revealed to Moses (Ex. 3:14 – in the Septuagint text this is ἐγώ εἰμί ὁ ὢν: “I am He Who is”). The Revelation of St. John uses the phrase: “Who is (ὁ ὢν), Who was, and Who is coming” throughout to refer to Jesus Christ. These revelations of Jesus Christ’s nature and the Holy Trinity are preserved in Christ’s Halo.

About Christ’s Head are the letters “IC” and “XC”, a widely used four letter abbreviation of the Greek for Jesus (IHCOYC) Christ (XPICTOC).


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