Ave Maria – Hiding Places


The carved space in this beautiful reclaimed barn wood block makes a window for the Blessed Mother’s portrait and a retreat for your thoughts and prayers. The painting consists of layers of pigmented beeswax (encaustic) and is finished with a line drawing and rich brown stain. Under her portrait the long carved space is filled with pigmented encaustic and coated with Gold leaf. Over the groove is affixed a ladder made out of jute and branches, a symbol for your ascending prayers.
The block measures 7″x 12″ x 2″ deep, can hang on the wall or rest on a shelf. The barn wood block is beautiful from any angle and the natural element gives it a wonderful presence.

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Following the Sun – mixed media on sliver leaf


Print, acrylic, silver leaf on wood panel, 24×24 in.

Through Stormy Skies


A mixed media artwork: water soluble graphite, acrylic painting on un-stretched canvas.
Below you can view a snippet from the artwork making in progress:

Following the Sun V

20160831_224014Graphite drawing, silver leaf, plaster on wood panel, 24″x30″