Reconstructions – Waiting

Reconstructions-Waiting, mixed media encaustic
Reconstructions-Waiting, mixed media encaustic

Another artwork from my latest mixed media series, a combination of photography, drawing and encaustic on multiple paneled surface.
The amazing qualities of the encaustic (pigmented beeswax) give a new dimension to the image. The artwork consists of 19 wood panels- the overall installation measures around 35″x 48″.
The image is pieced together, not all the parts are revealed, giving it the wonderful feel of a reconstructed image, rediscovered. Also the organization of the multiple panels gives the artworks a wonderful dynamism in spite of the very static, almost frozen image.

The empty square in the chest area of the depicted feminine figure suggest that the heart is someplace else, given.

Starting with a photograph, I mount it on wooden panels and paint on top of it with layers of pigmented beeswax, obtaining a slightly textured surface. The artwork is finished with fine line drawings on top of the beeswax painting and a layer of ebony stain.

The artwork is available for purchase in the store.

IMG_0492-copy IMG_0495


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